Establishment of Kidney Failure Dialysis Charity Organization

As studies that were conducted in different times indicate there are a lot of victims of diabetes, hypertension and different types of cancers that are resulted from the feeding habit and change of life style in Ethiopia and government is taking the necessary measure giving special attention for the case. However, the people at large don’t yet know and have the awareness regarding the social and economic impacts of kidney failure and the number of citizens that need dialysis as a result of the failure of both kidneys is increasing at alarming rate from time to time. One kidney patient should spend from Birr 15,000 to Birr 20,000 per month for dialysis treatment and as a result of this the patients who can’t afford to pay for the dialysis is forced to wait for the day of his death being bedridden patient in his home. According to the study done in Ethiopia, there are more than 2 million people of a chronic renal failure patients out of that around 40,000 patients are in need of dialysis treatment immediately, otherwise destined to die if treatment/ dialysis/ is not provided. It is not more than 300 patients who are capable of paying for their own treatment of dialysis in different private clinics. Even though some people who can afford to pay for the dialysis are getting the treatment selling their properties and houses as they have no any other alternative; they become hopeless in the process have no any other alternative; but to spend all they have and in the process drain the whole livelihood of the entire family. Considering the seriousness of the problem and with the intention of resolving the problem sustainably; 43 patients gathered together and they established kidney failure dialysis charity organization 5 years ago. The organization is established by 43 patients who are suffering from the disease and it has received legal accreditation from the Federal Charities and Societies Agency. The organization is the only one and pioneer local non-governmental organization in relation with its objective.


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