• The charity organization after obtaining an old building of different function from Zewditu memorial hospital, has performed an entire renovation work through cooperation of few benevolent professionals, companies and individuals spending very small amount of money, otherwise would have cost the organization millions of birr.
    • After tremendous efforts a building has been prepared and ready to accommodate a dialysis treatment of high standard.
    • Final preparation work is getting completed to commence the first affordable public dialysis treatment in Ethiopia in collaboration with Ministry of health, A.A Health Bureau and Zewditu Memorial Hospital.
    • It has obtained up to 6 dialysis machine from St. Paul Hospital and it has completed its preparation to work with Zewditu Memorial Hospital.
    • It has obtained permission for its members to get blood during dialysis from blood bank office.
    • It has reached agreement with various private health facilities for its members to get payment reduction for kidney dialysis and its being implemented.
    • It enables its members who are expected to pay up to birr 10,000 when they are undergone AV fistula and catheter to obtain the service in private health facilities only with the payment of 25%
    • In cooperation with America, Seattle Alliance Outreach medical group, do AV fistula and insertion catheter two times per year for free & enable to provide training to different health professionals.
    • It has reached an agreement in cooperation with Zewditu Memorial Hospital to reduce the average cost of dialysis for one time from birr 1500 to birr 500 and out of which the patient pays only birr 300 and the charity organization shall cover birr 200.
    • In addition to the support that the charity organization has received from the society through 8085 and 8582 in SMS short message and it has created sense of belongingness among the society.
    • It has obtained water treatment machine with estimated price from birr 3,500,000 to bi 5,000,000 from St. Paul Hospital in donation and it is installed in Zewditu Memorial Hospital.
    • The charity organization have received various medical items and equipment that worth higher amount of price in donation from different places.

Even if the organization is doing on its best with all its capaciy; it is not possible to say that a lot of work is done in terms of the depth and intensity of the problem. The members of the organization that need kidney dialysis are waiting for the support and aid for all the parts of the society. For this effect it is planned to undertake effective activities sustainably. However the organization is facing serious financial shortage. Therefore since the problem is that of all of the people; there is no doubt that the dream of the organization will be realized if the necessary support and help of all the concerned organs can be obtained.


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